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Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records & Publishing Co. Nashville, Tennessee, USA Tele: 615-669-5034

Marshall J. Wright
Marshall J. Wright
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Texas Singer/Songwriter: Marshall J. Wright

   Marshall Wright is our featured artist here at:
Bluegrass & Cadillacs, in Nashville. Marshall, began his
career in Austin, Texas in 1991. He met the late great
Stevie Ray Vaughn, who encouraged Marshall, to head
to Nashville. Marshall, took Stevie's advise, and headed
to Music City, where he landed his first writer's contract
with BMI. He has been with BMI, ever since.
   He has been with Bluegrass & Cadillacs, for almost 25
years as well.
   Marshall, is a great, and gifted songwriter with over
200 hits penned. His hits include: The Ballad Of Jacob Wright,
The Blues Cadillac, Be Proud Of The South, Alabama Bound
All Aboard The Wells Fargo, and numerous other hits to be
released on: Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records, in the future.
   Feel free to contact Marshall, anytime!
Thank you,
Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records, Nashville

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