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Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records & Publishing Co. Nashville, Tennessee, USA Tele: 615-669-5034

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Bluegrass & Cadillacs Vintage Country Collection
Trucks, Good Country Music & Honkey-Tonkin'
Great Top 40 Songs Penned By: Marshall J. Wright
Texas-Tonker Marshall J. Wright
Bluegrass & Cadillacs, Fiddles, Guitars, and Country Music Stars
Bluegrass & Cadillacs Country and Bluegrass Picture Gallery
Bluegrass & Cadillacs Gallery Of Country, and Bluegrass Legends!
Marshall J. Wright
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 Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, is a member of: The American Bar, bar license # 02358976, The American Lawyer,  The Republican Leadership Council, The Physician's Advisory Board in Washington D.C., The Business Advisory Council, , Broadcast Music Inc.(BMI), and The American Society Of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP).

He was also awarded the "Congressional Order Of Merit" by
the United States Congress in Washington, D.C. He is also Harvard University, Yale University, and Oxford University Alumni, and  is also inducted once again to Who's Who In America for 2018. He also holds two Honorable discharges from the: U.S. Army, and the U.S. Coast Guard in the defense of the United States, and the American people. We are also registered with the Better Business Bureau, and Dun & Bradstreet.
We consider all genres of music to include, rock, folk, blues, and jazz for publication, and recording.

Hillbilly Tall, and Proud The Great Texas-Tonker
Marshall J. Wright

         We Help Artists With A Full Line Of Publishing Services.
                    We've Been In Nashville For Over 25 Years.
         Feel Free To Contact Us Should We Be Of Assistance.

              Thank you,
                   The Office Of Public, and International Affairs.
               Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, Ph.D, E.JD
                Executive Publisher, Attorney At Law, and CEO
               Chairman Of The Board Of Investment Advisors
             The Royal United Kingdom

The International Bluegrass Association
"Bluegrass & Cadillacs Nashville"

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville

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