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The Bluegrass & Cadillacs Vintage Country Collection
Bluegrass & Cadillacs Vintage Country Collection
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Texas-Tonker Marshall J. Wright
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Marshall J. Wright
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The Real Deal!!!
The Great Ms. Wanda Jackson!!!
"The Queen Of Rockabilly"
"Oklahoma, USA!




"Runnin' Moonshine In A Big Limosine"
The Great!
Marshall J. Wright!

Rolling Down The Highway In A Big Limosine, We're A-Runnin' On Time, And I'm Feelin' Mighty Mean!

Rolling Out Of Georgia On A Saturday Night, A Drinkin' White Lightin', Ole' George Jones On The Stereo, A-Runnin' Moonshine Neath The Pale Moonlight.

We Topped The Hill Just Out Of Macon A'-Doing 95, I Told The Preacher, Bud, Were Gonna Be Allright, I Put The Peddle To The Floor, The Limo, Jumped Into Over-Drive.

A Rolling Outta Georgia In A Big Limosine, A'-Drinkin' White Lightlin', And A Feelin' Mighty Mean!

Hey Preacher-Man Hold On Tight, He Looked Real Pale, And Started To Cry, Then Screamed, And Shouted Out Loud, I'm Feelin' So Alive!

A' Rollin' Out Of Georgia In A Big Limosine, A' Drinkin' White Lightlin', And Feelin' Mighty Mean!

We Hit Atlanta, Bout' Half Past Four, A-Doin' 95 Past Them Ole' Church Doors, The Family At The Funeral Parlor Feelin' Mighty Low, The Funeral Parlor Man Said I'll Have One More!

A'-Rollin' Out Of Georgia, In A Big Limosine, A' Drinkin' White Lightlin' And A' Feelin' Mighty Mean!

At The Diner, A' Drinkin' Coffee, Was The Coffin-Maker, And The Highway Patrol, They Both Yelled Ya'll Are Going Too Slow, If Ya'll Are A' Gonna Run Shine Outta' Georgia, Ya Gotta Do A Hundred Or More, Down Bout' The Bama Line, Just Up The Road Is Ole' Tomb-Stone City, Ya'll Go Ahead,...Just Go!!

Yup' A'Runnin' Shine In A Big Limosine, A' Drinkin' White Lightlin', and A Feelin' Mighty Mean, Yea, Runnin' Shine Outta Georgia!

The Great Texas-Tonker!
The Legendary Marshall J. Wright. Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville


"That Good Ole' Moonshine  Mountain Stew Cooked Up Just Right With
Good Ole' Mountain Dew"

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville

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