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Trucks, Good Country Music & Honkey-Tonkin'

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Vintage Country Collection
Trucks, Good Country Music & Honkey-Tonkin'
Great Top 40 Songs Penned By: Marshall J. Wright
Texas-Tonker Marshall J. Wright
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Marshall J. Wright
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Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville
"The Last Ticket To Tulsa" By: Marshall J. Wright

"Them Crazy Ole' Trucks
Good Ole' Country Music"

I Dun' Got That Ole' Ramblin' Fever,
Must U'-Been Them Ole' Johnny Cash Songs, That Dun' Did It.

I've Spend A Life-Time In My Mind, And A Life-Time, On This Ole' Highway,
Pennin' Them Ole' Country Tunes, And Watchin' Them Crazy Ole' Trucks A-Movin' Down The Line.

Been  Here, There, And Everywhere,
I Wanted To Go,
Even Been Places That I Didn't Wanna To Go Too, 
The Night-Life In Nashville, The Texas-Tonks, There's No Place Like Home,
I Ain't Been There In Years, It's Just These Crazy Ole' Trucks, Good Ole' Country Tunes, And Them Jumpin' Honkey-Tonks,
Georgia On My Mind.

Still Got This Ole' Guitar, Still Got That Ole' Road Map, Still Got This Ole' Pete',
Still Got Them Ole' Country Songs,
Good Ole' Hank,
Whiskey Bent, And Highway Bound.

Yup' Ole' Vern Gosdin, Chiseled In Stone.

Them Crazy Ole' Trucks
That Good Ole' Country-Music.

Marshall J. Wright
Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville

"A Hundred Miles Of Hard-Tonkin"

A Hundred Miles Of Misery,  A Lifetime Worth Of Heart-Ache, Two Many Back Roads, Bad Loads, 10 Tons Of Pain, And Suffering,
A Thousand Miles Left To Go In This Ole' Georgia Pete, A'-Hauling Shine, I Believe I'm A Gonna Make The Tennessee Line,
All For Nothin' But 9.99...

I'll Pull In For A Round With That Good Ole' Boy, A Real Good Buddy Of Mine,
Mr. Johnny Walker...Red..

Yup Just An Ole' Tennessee Shine-Hauler
Got A Four And A Quarter Cat, A 13 Stick,
 Good Ole George Jones, On This Singin' Box, These Ole Stacks' Are A'-Blowin That Diesel Smoke, Black,  And Thick As That Ole'
West Virginia Coal .

9.99, An Hour Is It All It Costs For
A Thousand Miles Of Working Fer' Nothin'
 A Penny For My Ex-s' Not In Love Anymore, Broken-Mind Of Mine,
Makes Ten-Whole Dollars A Hour,
Yup' This
Ole' Tonk-Joint,
I'm Just An Ole' Tennessee Shine-Hauler!

I Got A Hot Load Of Freight That Just Can't Wait,
Clarksville, Bound.....I'm Gone!

Marshall J. Wright
Published Internationally
"The Cadillac Of Publishing"
Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records

Sing Em' The Way We Feel Em'
The Fantasic Mr. Jamey Johnson


I Play Them Tonk-Joints Kinda' Like Jamey
Johnson, Jennings, Merle Haggard, Cash,
George Jones.
Marshall J. Wright, Texas-Tonker

I was walkin' the line my guitar in my case, I heard a tune that made me want to go back, it's a hard life, playin' them Tonk-Joints, no place to call home, singin' them songs like Jennings, Johnson, Cash, and Jones.

Jamey Johnson, hit the nail right on the head, we sing them songs bout' roamin' alone, was it them George Strait songs, or Jennings, Willie, or Jones?

One thing for sure, there ain't no more road, just me and my ole' guitar, pennin' them ole' Tonk songs kinda'
 Jennings, and Jones.

I found myself a little Tonk-Joint, the other side of the Florida line, a cold brew, and some BBQ, sounded  just right, the Spankz, and Ms. D, let me pick there from time to time just to hustle a few dimes,
 I walked the line just
 Jamey Johnson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon, Jennings, and Good Ole' George Jones, Yea' just like Ole' George Jones!

One Things For Sure The Truth Never Lies,
Pickin' Them Tunes Like Haggard, Cash, Jennings, Johnson, and Jones!.

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville!

Hillbillies & Moonshiners All Up In The House!
Honkey-Tonk Bound And Heart-Ache Proud


"Them Crazy Ole' Trucks & Good Country Music"
American Freedom Concerts, Nashville

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville

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