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Texas-Tonker Marshall J. Wright

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Vintage Country Collection
Trucks, Good Country Music & Honkey-Tonkin'
Great Top 40 Songs Penned By: Marshall J. Wright
Texas-Tonker Marshall J. Wright
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Marshall J. Wright
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"Budweiser, The King Of Party Beers"
Bluegrass & Cadillacs Nashville

Marshall J. Wright Is One Of The Most Gifted Songwriters In Nashville.
He Has Over 26 Years Of Songwriting Experience.
He Has Written Songs
Johnny Cash
David Crosby,  Graham Nash,
and many other artists such as Jack Greene, and was a protégé of Rick Rubin, and Johnny Cash 
American Recordings, in Santa Monica, California.

He is also the featured Artist
Rio Grande Publishing Of The Southwest,
Fleetwood Master-Art Works

Here Are Some Great Tunes He's Penned:

Barely Hangin' On To Life With Willie, Waylon, Merle Haggard, and The Bottle
At The End Of Love's Road
Love Never Stays The Same
The Big Hat Man of Texas
50 Cents Closer To A Million
Going Down Love's Road
Gonna Put A Little Motion In The Come-Motion
Another Tequila Morning
Watchin' The World Go By
Riding On The Bluegrass Special
I Really Don't Care Anymore
Smokers, Tokers, and All-Night Partiers
Just One More Beer
The Club Shangrala
"The Other Side Of The Middle":
"A Tribute To The Great Cody Jinks"
I Fought The Alabama Law All The Way Across Dixie
Rockin' In The Chicken Coup'
My Buddy Bill
Where The Green Grass Grows Back Home In Tennessee
I Saw Her Spirit At The Motel No Tell 6
I Play Them Tonk Joints Kinda' Like Jamey Johnson. Merle Haggard, Cash, and George Jones
We're Gone To' Okie' City, Man!
The Pop Bottle Man
The Memories Of The Weomen In The Mind Of A Man
The Last Minute Before Midnight
Let's Go To Gooveville
I Heard The Angels In Heaven While I Slept
I Walked Against The Horizon
The Ballad Of My Good Friend Brother Daniel
Another Heart-Ache In A Honkey-Tonk
I Drank Away My Paycheck Till She Was Gone
Bars, Stars, Fiddles, and Them Ole' Guitars
I'm A Proud Member Of Triple A: The American Alcoholics Association 
Hillbilly Proud, And Honkey-Tonk Famous
The Road Of Memories
A-Runnin' Moonshine In A Big Limosine
Gonna' Buy Me A Georgia Mule
Almost Gone
Moon-Shine Stew
Guitar Sing
My Moonshine Palace
The Rio Grande' River Cantina
On The Whiskey Highway Back To Nashville
That Ole' Hog Got The Bacon Blues
These West Texas Blues
Wild Rodeo Knights
 Samantha's Smile
The Adventures Of Crazy Clifford
Them Good Folks In The Hills Of West Virginia
We Can't Start Over Again
Three Legged Willie
Granny's Got A Brand New Caddy
I Meet A-lot Of People On The Road
 Sasperilla Mountain
The Lonely Pain Of A Lonely Night
Moonshine Brewer's Blues
No Place Like Home In The South
Her Memory Lied To Me Last Night
A Dangerous Man Can't Hide From The World
The Seas I Sail
Okay Officer I Confess I'm A Drunk!
Margarita Rita!
Train Truckin' Down The Track
The Looser's Blues
Pickin' And A' Grinnin' And Feelin' Mighty Fine 
I'm A Professionally Trained, And Certified Alcoholic
Shaggy Haired Bird Dog
She Said
We're Country Music Crazy
Short Stop, My First Friend Clyde Heath
The Silver Moon Of Texas
Silver Spur
Slowly Love Me
2, 3, And 4 Time Dreamers
So I Don't Hear Her Name
We're All In The Same Business It's Called Working For Nothin'
I Love Guitars
Pickin' An Ole' Bluegrass Special
Your Heart Can Never Hide The Truth
I Heard A Train Song In My Mind
Someone You'd Thought You'd Be
Son Of The South
Sadness On The Midnight Memphis Train
Walkin' With The Hands Of The Love Of The Lord
We Got A Hell Of A Band In This Honkey-Tonk Tonight
Bubba's Roadhouse, Barbeque Diner, and Tonk-Joint
Southbound Heart
Them Southern Railroad Blues
Southern Rebel
Southern Style
Stars Of Love
Redneckin' and Honkey-Tonkin'
There's A Heartache In My Whiskey
Trippin' Hippie Gypsies'
I Wish Home Was Still There
Her Memory Lied To Me Last Night
Thank Heaven And 7-11, I'm Back To Drinkin' Again
A Little Do-Dadd
Last Ticket To Tulsa
She Cried With The Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Diesel Smoke
The Do Drop In
Don't Forget Route 66
The Dream Theater
El Ranchero Don' Juan Duran'
Even Angles Like Country Music
Eye Of The Hurricane
Family Tree
Fe, Fi, Foe On The Fiddle
58' Freight Shaker
The Flop Family
The Fool
Four Flowers For The Lady
Friday Night At The Cowboys
From Texas To Dixie
Full Moon
Gear Jammin' Mamma'
Golden Band Of Tears
The Gulf Of Mexico
Hank Sr. Died With The Blues
Harbor Of Love
That Hard Headed, Cold Hearted Woman
Highways, Bluegrass & Cadillacs
Hills Of Tennessee
Honkey-Tonk Plowboy
4 Aces, A King, and My Ole' 77 Tennessee Pete'
I Almost Forgot
I Cried With The Blues
I Didn't Mean To
I See Your Misery
I Sent Her Roses
I'd Love To Be In Texas
If I Said I'm Sorry
If My Heart Only Knew Not To Cry
In The Carolina Pines
The Indian, and The Cowboy
Is Anyone Searching For True Love, I'm Here
It Ain't Easy To Say This
It's Lonely In Paris
It's All-Right To Cry She's Not Coming Back
Them Prison-House Blues
Just North of Goodbye
Just To Get Over You
The Kentucky Bluegrass Breakdown
The Kentucky Derby
Them Kentucky Coal Mines
Key To My Heart
La' Lagrima' Y' La' Pistola"
Land Of The Free
Last Freight Headed Home
The Last Letter Before He Died
The Lights Of Dallas
El' Corrido De' Don' Lupe Baca De' Albuquerque
That Ole' Georgia Peterbilt Log Hauler Of Mine
Gonna Pen A Train Song
Dreamin' Of Home On That Ole' Railroad Line
The Looney Bin
Lovin' The Delta Blues
A Hundred Miles Of Hard Honkey-Tonkin'
Them Crazy Ole' Trucks
Too Many Hard Miles
Headed To Heaven Via The Bottle
Love In The Sun
Love One Another A Tribute To:
Jessi Colin Young, and The Young Bloods.
Macon Georgia
The Magic Captain
Hillbillies, and Moonshiners
Mama's Got The Bluegrass Boogie'
Mend A Lonely Heart
Mexicalli Mexico, To Tia Juana'
Mi' Rosita'
Sleeping With The Midnight Blues

Marshall Has Penned Over 300  Outstanding Songs, 100 Great Philosophical Art Works, and
To Include:
 "Fluffy The Fuzzy Puppy"
"The Adventures Of The Captain, The Duck, And The Jolly Whale"
"The King, The Queen & A Coach Of Three"
"The Beautiful Green Orchid In The Beautiful Blue Sky"
A Tribute To A True American Hero,
The King Of Swing,
The Great Mr. Glenn Miller
Many, Many More!

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