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Great Top 40 Songs Penned By: Marshall J. Wright

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Vintage Country Collection
Trucks, Good Country Music & Honkey-Tonkin'
Great Top 40 Songs Penned By: Marshall J. Wright
Texas-Tonker Marshall J. Wright
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Marshall J. Wright
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Texas-Tonker & Legendary Songwriter
Marshall J. Wright, Nashville, USA.

1. 23 T-Bucket
2. 58' Freight Shaker
3. The Adventures Of Captain Jack
4. Alabama Bound
5. Alabama Redneck
6. All Aboard The Wells Fargo
7. All American Hell Raiser
8. All I Had Left
9. And The Rain Came Down
10. The Atkinson, Topeka, and Santa Fe # 9
11. The Auctioneer
12. The Ballad Of A Cajun Queen
13. The Ballad Of A Nevada Gun
14. The Ballad Of Clyde G. Heath
15. The Ballad Of Jacob Wright
16. The Ballad Of Lester Flatt, and Earl Scruggs
17. The Ballad Of Sheriff Pat Garrett
18. Bama The Jamma
19. Barrooms, Soup-lines, and The Green Back Dollar
20. Be Proud Of The South
21. Big Timber Cowboy
22. Blood Money
23. Blue Southern Skys
24. The Blue Streak Special
25. The Blues Cadillac
26. The Blues Train
27. Bonne & Clyde
28. The Bottle Took Her Memory
29. Brand New Rocker 88
30. The Brandin' Iron
31.  Buckwheat, and Bubby
32. The Burgundy Blues
33. Burgundy, Wine, and Red Roses
34. Bury Me In Texas
35. Busted, Boozed, and Broken Hearted
36. Cadillac Jack
37. California Cowboy
38. Calling All Hearts
39. The Captain, and The Catamuran
40. The Stock Contractor
41. Sunrise In San Antone
42. The Tale Of Lester Hayes
43. Tall Island Tales
44. Ten Dollars Worth
45. The Tennessee Kid
46. Texas Legend Charley Dunn The Boot-Maker
47. The Texas Special
48. That Shot Hit The Spot
49. That Twangy Honkey-Tonk Music
50. There Once Was A Man
51. These Dreams
52. Thoughts By The Sea, and Ocean Poem
53. Tomarrow's Heartache
54. The Train County Breakdown
55.Trains, Trucks, and Prison
56. Travelin' Kind
57. A Tribute To The Charley Daniels Band
58. True Love, and Red Roses
59. Two For Texas
60. U.S. Marshal Jacob Wright
61. Uncle Willie Mc Gillicuddy
62. Up The Mountain
63. Vern, and Kentucky
64. Watermelon Mountain
65. The Way I See It
66. West Coast Cowboy
67. Why Would You
68. Workin' For Nothin'
69. Workin' On The Railroad Line
70. Y-Kee-Kee Beach
71. You Can Never Go Back
72. You Loved Me Enough To Leave
73. You, Me, and Ricky Ricardo
74. Your Quarter Bar, and Grille
75. Miseries My Only Company
76. Mississippi Riverboat Gambler
77. More Than You'll Ever Know
78. My Cousin Billy
79. My Love Is Long Gone
80. Never Ending Memory
81. Oh The Blue Moon
82. Ole' Goobers Kinda' Crazy'
83.  One Too Many Times
84. One Way Bottle Of Tequila
85. Only In My Mind
86. Outlaw Mike
87. The Peace I Find Within
88. The Pen Or The Sword
89. The People On The Purple Bus
90. Philadelphia Lawyer
91. Pontiac Pepe Levo
92. The Poor Boy Blues
93. The Power
94. Raindrops, Teardrops, and High Dollar Wine
95. Ready Freddie
96. The Rocky Mountains Of New Mexico
97. Roger McKinzey
98. Rolled Into Nashville
99. My Beautiful Rose Of Cimmeron New Mexico
100. Sad Blue Eyes
101. The Carolina Maple Trees
102. The Cattle Kings Of New Mexico, Bruce  & Don King, The King Brothers Ranch, Stanley New Mexico
103. The Chama Land & Cattle Company
104. Changes
105. Chigga' Boom
106. The Chinaman
107. Geronimo's Cadillac
108. Coffin Ready' Made
109. Concrete Cowboy
110. Gone Back To Memphis
111. Country Gold
112. Country Love
113. Country-Ville
114. Coupe De Ville
115. The Cowboys
116. Crying To Get Over You
117. Dancin' Across Texas
118. Dangerous Men
119. The Day Waylon Jennings Died We All Cried
120. The Diamond A
121. A Little Dab Will Do Ya'
122. Her Little Hot Ford Pick-up Truck
123. Lonesome Ramblin' Cowboy
124.Long Live The South
125. The Lovely Lady At The Lincoln Saloon


Texas Tonker The Great Marshall J. Wright
Marshall J. Wright's
Good Ole' Texas Moonshine
Texas Proud, And Texas Made
In The Lone Star State
Ole-Time Bootleggers, Hillbillies

"Thanks Fer' Visitin' Us Here At Our Holler"!


"Roadside Moonshine Only Five Dollars Fer' A Lil' Mason Jar, Brewed Up Texas Style In Our Hillbilly Hollar, Ya'll Come Out And Visit A Spell, Ya'll Are Always Welcome Here
 Moonshine Mountain, Tennessee, USA!"

Budweiser The King Of All Beers Made!
Marshall J. Wrights Texas Brewed Moonshine!

      Budweiser Beer, Texas Moonshine,
 Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records,
Fleetwoodville, Tennessee, USA!

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