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Texas-Tonker Marshall J. Wright
Bluegrass & Cadillacs, Fiddles, Guitars, and Country Music Stars
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Marshall J. Wright
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The Great, The King Of Country Music!
The Fantastic, Grand, The Best, Mr. George Strait

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville

Gonna Pen A Train Song

I Was Walkin' Them Ole' Railroad Tracks,
Never Thought Much-Bout' Going Back,
Ain't No Sense In Lookin' Back,
I Penned A Tune On This Ole' Train Track.

One More Sad Train Song, One More Long Day,
The Miles On This Ole' Train Track Never End,
Like The Miles Of Heartache,
I'm Gonna Pen A Train Song.

Up Yonder, I See The Rails, On Them Rails Is That Ole' Train Runnin' Up The Tracks, Headed My Way, Gonna' Catch A Ride To Memphis,
Them Boxcars Get Awful Cold, Just As Cold As Her Love,
I'm Gonna Pen A Train Song.

 I Hit The Road,  Once The Flame Of Love Turned To Stone, Ain't No One To Hold,
A' Gonna Pen A Train Song.

If We Hit Memphis,.. Well,.. We'll See, I Got A 5th. Of Paid In Full Evil, Gonna Rock Me To Sleep.

In Them Cold Tennessee Hills, Not As Cold As Her Love, A Love Dun' Gone, Like A Midnight Train, Rolling Outta' New Orleans,
Headed Back To Nashville, No One To Love,
I See The Full Moon, Just As Sad As My Soul, No One To Sing For
Just Them Crazy Ole' Trains,
I'm Gonna Pen A Slow...Slow Train Song.

Gonna Pen A Train Song
Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved By Bluegrass & Cadillacs Nashville.

Texas Singer-Songwriter
Marshall J. Wright
Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
Tele: 615-669-5034

Gibson Les Paul Vintage Top
American Freedom Concerts, Nashville

Rockin' In The Chicken Coup'
There was ole' Amos Moses, he had an ole' chicken coup' in the backyard, he bought a 6 string electric guitar from ole' Sam's pawn shop, he give him $20 and a dozen chicken eggs, out the door Amos Moses went, in no time at all he learned to pick that ole' guitar, 6 months later, down yonder on a Saturday night, at ole' Amos Moses place, they were rockin' in the chicken coup.

  They came from miles around, even ole' Jerry Reed showed up, and rocked the house, at ole' Amos Moses, chicken coup, dun' turned Tonk-Joint, every Friday, and Saturday Night, that ole' chicken coup is the rockinest Tonk- Joint this side of the Alabama line.


Texas-Tonker: Marshall J. Wright

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville

"The First Name In The Recording Industry"

This Tune Was Penned For A Good Friend

"The Great Mr. Guitar Jerry Reed"


Jerry Reed, Was A Great Guy, and Too Much Fun!
The Wagon Burner, Nashville, Tennessee, USA!

The Marshall Tucker Band!
Long Live The Southland!!!

1954 John Juzek Fiddle/Violin

The Best Fiddler In The World
Mr. Charlie Daniels, and The CDB, North Carolina, USA

A Lonely Highway Of Memories

I Sat In The Rain, Searchin' My Mind Filled With Memories Of Days Gone By.

The Years Went By With A Quickness, All The Miles I've Traveled, I Hoped To Clear My Mind, But I Can't Feel The Same Way I Did When I Was 29.

So I'll Stay On The Highway Of Memories In My Mind.

The Highway Of Memories In My Mind,
Until The End Of Time, Without Her Memory,
The Memories Of Her.....

Texas-Tonk Singer-Songwriter
Marshall J. Wright
Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records & Publishing Company
Nashville, Tennessee 37217

Vintage 1959 Gibson J-200 SJ
Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records $ Publishing Company

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville
  Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"A Clifford G. Fleetwood Company"

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Records Nashville

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